Cannes-worthy: I’m ready for the paparazzi!

It’s a little known fact that you can’t just wear anything in Cannes. Your clothes must be worthy the very famous location and reflect that you could be that ‘new’ movie star on the block (hey, a girl can dream right?!) Cue glamorous sandals, floppy-hat wearing and you named it – statement ‘Hollywood-inspired’ swimwear.

These are a few of my favourite key Cannes-worthy pieces. All you need now is a martini!

cannes ready

Swimsuit: Mouillé Swimwear at (also available at in Black)

Kaftan: Minkpink at

Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry at

Sandals: Aspiga at

Tote: Truss Woven Plastic Tote


Cannes-worthy: I’m ready for the paparazzi!

Cannes Film Festival Day 1: Green with envy!

It’s that time of the year again, when actors pack their Louis Vuitton chests full of beautiful floaty designer dresses and chunky Harry Winston diamonds and jump on their private jets!  Destination? Why the idyllic beach town of Cannes! That’s right, it’s time for Cannes Film Festival! *gasps in excitement*

Day one kicked off and saw the stars attend the opening ceremony and the premiere of La ‘La Tete Haute’ dressed in their finest couture (extra sparkly)!

The most talked about look was Lupita Nyong in her custom-made emerald green Gucci dress. I love the deep cut neck and Swarovski (or diamond?) encrusted flowers that frame her gorgeous face! But what I am loving most about Lupita Nyong’o’s look is the fact that you can see it is making her like the super star that she is and this reflects in her free-spirited attitude and gorgeous smile. I am in complete awe and potentially have a new celeb crush!!

1250794782239956291 1250794782196202307

Another look we liked was Natalie Portman in a classic lipstick red Dior gown:


OK, so my perception of an actresses lifestyle could be a bit exaggerated, but it’s nice to imagine what it would be like to be a star and they are certainly doing nothing to deter me from thinking otherwise in their gorgeous designer gowns and diamond claud décolletage! *Sigh*

Cannes Film Festival Day 1: Green with envy!

The Best of Paris Fashion Week: AW15

Last week saw the very somber (je plaisante) Paris Fashion Week. Whilst I was unfortunately note able to attend (= invited) I make it a point of watching as many of the shows via or to see what some of my favourite designers had in mind for next winter! I find it also important to take note of the colour and print trends, silhouettes, textiles and styling (what’s with the crazy make-up?!) Fashion Weeks, especially LFW and PFW are a feast for the creative eye. Indulgence galore, mmm.

Here are a selection of my favourite runway shows from Paris Fashion Week:

1114959 1114956 1114946

Futuristic, textural, organic and Pleats-please-meets-The-Fifth-Element, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen did not disappoint with her powerful and other-planetary collection; She is truly pushing the boundaries for 21st century fashion and this was certainly my favourite collection by far. This just excites me.

057-valentino tumblr_nl286vArZj1qbx9pro1_500 1114881

Valentino’s striking boho-luxe AW15 collection oozed opulence and elegance; let’s not forget the very memorable finale of Ben Affleck walking the runway doing his best Derek Zoolander impression! While it contradicted the serious collection, it was a phenomenal collection, so we’ll forgive them 😉

balmain-12 balmain-43 MON0255a

Short, shorter, shortest. Balmain was all about flouncy skirts in dense but luxurious fabrics, bright colour combinations of oranges and purples (very Prada circa 2012) and short lengths! Whilst I found the collection a bit superficial and predictable, I commend them on their choice of fabrications. Plus, if this collection was anything to go by I’ll be able to get out my extra thick stockings next Autumn/winter (!)

miyake 1113862

Dear Issey, you never cease to amaze me with your innovative textiles, your outstanding silhouettes and your beautiful colour combinations… There was something so intelligent and clever (as usual) about Miyake’s AW15 collection. I loved the finale of the models twirling in their kaleidoscope skirts. It made me feel like a child again (a child that has really good fashion sense)

002-alexander-mcqueen-683x1024 003-alexander-mcqueen-683x1024 027-alexander-mcqueen-683x1024

Sorbet nudes combined with textured blacks and muted reds, gothic styles blended with just the right amount of lace and pleated fabric, Sarah showed she definitely has her work cut out for her with this darkly romantic collection. The Victorian hair and ‘English rose’ make-up was suited for these beautifully dramatic garments – *claps hands*

Paris certainly earned it’s title of the crème de la crème of fashion weeks!

x Zoe

The Best of Paris Fashion Week: AW15

Should babies be banned from the FROW?

Ten years ago, the coveted FROW (that’s ‘front row’ for all of you fashion week amateurs) boasted societies favourite actors & actresses, musicians, retired supermodels, fashion editors and designers. These days, more than half the reserved spaces are for bloggers, ‘it’ girls and reality stars. That’s why there is no surprise that even babies (er toddlers to be specific) are now gracing the front row audience for fashion weeks.

Anna Wintour is not impressed with North West's tantrum
Anna Wintour is not impressed with North West’s tantrum

Following many a ‘frow’ toddler tantrum, Anna Wintour, the devil in Prada herself, is now bidding to get rid of children being allowed to sit at the frow. According to the Daily Mail, the British-born editor of United States Vogue is lobbying to ban babies from Fashion Week.

Wintour reportedly told designers at London Fashion Week to not allow children to sit in the front row of their shows.

Whilst I believe that children ‘born’ to the fashion stigma, like Harper Beckham and North West should be allowed to grace the frow of their parent’s shows, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for our ‘fashion’ tots of today. What makes us think that a being with the attention span of a gold retriever puppy will sit in silence and respect while taller beings parade around in monster heels and clothes that don’t have clowns or kittens on them? I find it hard enough trying to get my niece to watch Dora the Explorer for more than ten minutes!

It leaves me wondering just how much interest a two-year old can show to such a grown up spectacular as a fashion show unless of course it’s one of Betsy Johnson’s colourful shows.

Surely we need to draw a line where we think our children should and shouldn’t be allowed, based on not only their attention span and interests but our respective audience members. But then again, I am the same person that repetitively says ‘shhh’ and shoots dirty looks to the person who decides it’s OK to have a full fledged conversation in the movie theatre.

Also, what about the designer who wants to be taken seriously? They spend months preparing for these shows, putting their heart and soul (as well as sleepless nights) into their collections. Only to have people focus their attention on the screaming 18 month old in the front row?

Personally, I say we should keep our kids away from fashion shows, at least until they are old enough to understand the difference between Kors and ‘colours’. What do you think?

x Zoe

Should babies be banned from the FROW?

Hello world!

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Hello, I’m Zoe, Mouillé’s resident blogger. No, I don’t just blog or write about swimwear, because as you’re probably well aware Mouillé is not just a swimwear brand, it’s a fashion brand that designs and creates mostly swimwear.

Ask me to write about anything relating to fashion and I will. I have an opinion on everything and anything regarding fashion and the beloved industry. I’m quite well-equipped to report on the subject of fashion. You see, I have probably held every job in the fashion industry – you name it, I’ve done it, from buying to trend reporting to designing. Ok, I lied, I haven’t yet ticked off runway model.

x Zoe

Hello world!