Should babies be banned from the FROW?

Ten years ago, the coveted FROW (that’s ‘front row’ for all of you fashion week amateurs) boasted societies favourite actors & actresses, musicians, retired supermodels, fashion editors and designers. These days, more than half the reserved spaces are for bloggers, ‘it’ girls and reality stars. That’s why there is no surprise that even babies (er toddlers to be specific) are now gracing the front row audience for fashion weeks.

Anna Wintour is not impressed with North West's tantrum
Anna Wintour is not impressed with North West’s tantrum

Following many a ‘frow’ toddler tantrum, Anna Wintour, the devil in Prada herself, is now bidding to get rid of children being allowed to sit at the frow. According to the Daily Mail, the British-born editor of United States Vogue is lobbying to ban babies from Fashion Week.

Wintour reportedly told designers at London Fashion Week to not allow children to sit in the front row of their shows.

Whilst I believe that children ‘born’ to the fashion stigma, like Harper Beckham and North West should be allowed to grace the frow of their parent’s shows, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for our ‘fashion’ tots of today. What makes us think that a being with the attention span of a gold retriever puppy will sit in silence and respect while taller beings parade around in monster heels and clothes that don’t have clowns or kittens on them? I find it hard enough trying to get my niece to watch Dora the Explorer for more than ten minutes!

It leaves me wondering just how much interest a two-year old can show to such a grown up spectacular as a fashion show unless of course it’s one of Betsy Johnson’s colourful shows.

Surely we need to draw a line where we think our children should and shouldn’t be allowed, based on not only their attention span and interests but our respective audience members. But then again, I am the same person that repetitively says ‘shhh’ and shoots dirty looks to the person who decides it’s OK to have a full fledged conversation in the movie theatre.

Also, what about the designer who wants to be taken seriously? They spend months preparing for these shows, putting their heart and soul (as well as sleepless nights) into their collections. Only to have people focus their attention on the screaming 18 month old in the front row?

Personally, I say we should keep our kids away from fashion shows, at least until they are old enough to understand the difference between Kors and ‘colours’. What do you think?

x Zoe

Should babies be banned from the FROW?

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