Cannes Film Festival Day 1: Green with envy!

It’s that time of the year again, when actors pack their Louis Vuitton chests full of beautiful floaty designer dresses and chunky Harry Winston diamonds and jump on their private jets!  Destination? Why the idyllic beach town of Cannes! That’s right, it’s time for Cannes Film Festival! *gasps in excitement*

Day one kicked off and saw the stars attend the opening ceremony and the premiere of La ‘La Tete Haute’ dressed in their finest couture (extra sparkly)!

The most talked about look was Lupita Nyong in her custom-made emerald green Gucci dress. I love the deep cut neck and Swarovski (or diamond?) encrusted flowers that frame her gorgeous face! But what I am loving most about Lupita Nyong’o’s look is the fact that you can see it is making her like the super star that she is and this reflects in her free-spirited attitude and gorgeous smile. I am in complete awe and potentially have a new celeb crush!!

1250794782239956291 1250794782196202307

Another look we liked was Natalie Portman in a classic lipstick red Dior gown:


OK, so my perception of an actresses lifestyle could be a bit exaggerated, but it’s nice to imagine what it would be like to be a star and they are certainly doing nothing to deter me from thinking otherwise in their gorgeous designer gowns and diamond claud décolletage! *Sigh*

Cannes Film Festival Day 1: Green with envy!

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